Chain Wire Fencing Brisbane

Chain wire fencing is a huge asset to your property. It provides your property with the ultimate security and actively deters trespassers. Chain wire fencing is perfect for schools and government properties as well as sport fields and centres, through to commercial and industrial properties.

Chain Wire Fencing Brisbane: In-House Design & Fabrication

Our in-house chain wire fencing experts design your new fence specifically for you. It means it’s customised to your property and its perimeter. You can choose the height (900mm to three metres high), the chain material used, and you can select additional security accessories. Items like barbed wire can be added to the top as an additional deterrent to trespassers. 


We’ll fabricate your new chain wire fence in-house too. It means your fence is created specifically for your property and we’re able to use the most durable materials for the longevity of your fence.

Chain Wire Fencing Brisbane: Supply & Install

Once our in-house chain wire fencing experts have custom designed and fabricated your fence, we’ll have it installed for you. We’ll always show up on time to install your fence and we’ll work with the utmost professionalism. Our tradespersons take care for your property, always leaving it as tidy as we found it. Your new chain wire fence will be installed with the highest quality of workmanship.

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Perfect For Securing Commercial & Industrial Properties

For commercial and industrial businesses like factories, plants, and warehouses — security is the priority. Chain wire fencing is an amazing way to secure your property’s perimeter. With up to three metres of height, extra security additions, and a sturdy, difficult to climb fence, your property will be protected against trespassing. 


Chain wire fencing is an excellent solution for keeping wildlife off of your property too. Our team can install additional fauna fencing to ensure smaller wildlife can’t travel beneath the fencing. 

Secure Your Sport Field Or Centre

Whether you’re running a commercial swimming centre, a soccer or football club, or a basketball or netball court — keeping trespassers out is essential. Chain wire fencing is a simple way to protect your property from vandalism, mishaps, or unwanted guests.

More Applications For Chain Wire Fencing Brisbane

We’re proud to have provided chain wire fencing for a range of clients such as Queensland Rail, Brisbane City Council, Department of Main Roads, and Powerlink. From power stations to government properties and through to schools and train stations, chain wire fencing benefits a range of applications.

Pair it with a gate

As well as designing, supplying, and installing your fence, we can also provide gates. Our gates are designed and fabricated in-house and use durable materials – just like our fences. As our gates are designed and fabricated custom to your property, you can choose the size and location of your new gate.

Additions for your Chain Wire Fencing Brisbane

Fauna Fencing

Pair your chain wire fence with specialised fauna fencing to ensure wildlife and pests stay off your property. 

Tubular Handrails

Tubular handrails can provide better safety for applications such as: stairs, fire exits, car parks, and walkways on your property. We can tailor hand railing to your property.

Security Fencing

Need better protection in a specific area of your property? We can install specialised security fencing to protect it. This can come with barbed wire up the top, electric capabilities, or with a mowing trip down the bottom to keep wildlife out too.

Rely On Us For Quality

We’re committed to providing our customers with quality. From the design we create to the materials we use and through to our fabrication techniques and the installation. We want to provide you with a top notch, durable fence that’ll last. Our quality doesn’t stop with our fences, it’s carried through our on-site consultations, our free quotes, and our after-sales care.

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Chain Wire Fencing Brisbane: About RYNO Fencing

Our chain wire fencing Brisbane business loves working with you to provide the very best in fencing solutions. We’re committed to offering quality, from our customer service to our workmanship and through to our in-house equipment. We’re equipped with everything we need to fabricate and install the very best in fencing to Brisbane and South East Queensland.

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