Chain Wire Fencing

Chain wire fencing is an excellent addition to commercial and industrial properties. It’s a chain wire mesh fencing option that can come in almost any length or height. Whether it’s protecting and securing the boundary around a warehouse, factory, or the perimeter of a local council area — it’s an excellent choice.

Chain Wire Fencing Design, Supply & Install

We’ll design and supply chain wire fencing to custom specifications and lengths. Chain wire is a durable, secure material — make it an excellent security fence type. Our installation experts will always provide the very best workmanship when installing chain wire fences. Chain wire mesh can come with a range of topping materials — barbwire, razor wire, or mowing strips. Or alternatively, koala sheeting or PVC with a galvanised steel or coated PVC finish. We can couple chain wire fences with a gate or with additional fencing.

Perfect for Industrial and Commercial Fencing

Protect your property with a tall chain wire fence. Our fence heights vary from 900mm to three metres high.

Chain Wire Fencing Applications

We’ve provided chain wire fencing for a variety of applications, such as: Queensland Rail, Brisbane City Council, Department of Main Roads, and Powerlink. Chain wire fencing suits applications like wildlife fencing, school fencing, and industrial buildings like warehouses and factories. Sporting complexes needing extra security like basketball courts or football fields can also benefit from chain wire fencing.


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