Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond fencing offers a modern and clean finish to commercial properties, lifting the aesthetics of your business with custom colour options. We love Colorbond fencing because it’s a strong, durable material that weathers well.

Colorbond Fencing Design, Supply & Install

We’ll design, supply, and install Colorbond fences up to three metres high for your commercial property. Using Australian-made Bluescope Steel from Metroll, all of the materials we use comply with AS1562.1-1992. Colorbond fencing provides better security and privacy to commercial properties. We’re able supply and install Colorbond fences as well as concrete sleepers, if you’re looking to make your fence even sturdier. We’ll provide Forms 15 and 16 with every Colorbond fence we supply.

Colorbond Fencing Applications

Colorbond steel is fire resistant, secure, and offers a lot of privacy. These come with no footholds and no paling gaps, so they’re extremely difficult to climb and offer more certainty against break-ins. These durable and secure fences suit commercial and industrial properties requiring extra security:

  • Warehouses
  • Industrial complexes
  • Factories
  • Office complexes


We offer our customers free quotes and never charge for tender. Providing the highest level of workmanship and professionalism, we’ll always show up on time, quote accurately, and use the highest quality of materials for every fence we install. Our contractors will always leave their worksite tidy and keep themselves and others safe on-site.

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