Timber Fencing

We’ll design, supply, and install new timber fences for you, or we can repair and restore dated timber fences. Timber fencing looks good as a feature around residential, commercial, or industrial properties and works to delineate boundaries. Our timber fencing solutions can come painted or stained.

Timber Fencing Design, Supply & Install

We take care of the design, supply, and installation of timber fences. We’ll always be sure to use sturdy, long-lasting timber — because we install timber fences to last. Our fencing experts can take care of a variety of fencing types: acoustic fences, timber palings, ply sheet timber fencing, and fencing with sleeper retainers.

Depending on the height, the wind loading, and local council specifications, we can supply fencing posts in pine or hardwood. We’re also able to provide Forms 15 and 16 for any timber fence, along with our certified drawings.

Timber Fencing Applications

Acoustic timber fences can block and diffuse sounds from industry work or nearby traffic, making them an excellent choice for offices or buildings that are placed in the middle of industrial works. Timber palings are more suitable for parks and playgrounds, or school perimeters.


We’ll provide you with a free quote and we’ll never charge for tender. We always provide the highest level of workmanship and professionalism. It starts with our accurate quotes and standard of materials. It ends with contractors who show up on time, leave their worksite tidy, and keep themselves and others safe on-site.

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