Security Fencing Brisbane

We’re Brisbane-based security fencing contractors. We offer high quality fencing solutions to a range of industrial and commercial businesses across Brisbane and South East Queensland. All our fences are manufactured in-house using locally sourced materials.

Our Security Fencing Solutions

No matter the application, we have a security fencing solution. With an expert team of draftspersons and metal fabricators on-hand we can create customised fences to suit your property and your security requirements.

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Designing, Supplying & Installing Security Fencing

Our team of expert contractors each work together to achieve the perfect installation on every fence. It starts with drawing up a customised solution for your property and ends with a high quality, durable, and impenetrable security fence.

RYNO Fencing

RYNO Fencing is specially designed fencing, created to seriously boost your security. It’s anti-intrusion fencing designed to keep unwanted guests out. As it’s specialised specifically to add security to your property, this fencing extends up to three metres tall. Made of special impenetrable chain wire, our RYNO security fencing comes with a minimum of two rails as well. These fences can come with 400x400mm mowing strips below the chain wire or we can make these electric to further boost your security. This specialised fencing is used by the Port of Brisbane to protect their grounds.

Fauna Fencing

Our specialised fauna fencing is perfect both for security, and for keeping fauna in or out of your property. Fauna fencing is perfect for protecting your crops, your animals, or your property generally from outside animals. It can protect your animals from wandering onto highways or into dangerous areas of your property too. This fauna fencing can be installed to extend to the ground, ensuring fauna can’t travel through or under either side of the fence. It can also be customised to protect properties facing snake infestation.

Weldmesh (385) Fencing

Our weldmesh security fencing is a really popular fencing option for mining sites and industrial properties. 385 weldmesh is a sturdy and durable material, making it impenetrable, while the height of the fence makes it one of the tallest fencing options available. This fencing can be paired with razor wire tops for increased security. Weldmesh is an excellent and safe addition to any property needing a security boost.

Security Fencing Applications

We have a variety of security fencing options available to suit:

Why Our Security Fencing Contractors

Our quality service isn’t just based on our expert workmanship. Always endeavouring to offer the best possible customer experience, we’ll kick off the project with a free quote, offer up our expertise throughout the project, and leave you with a perfectly-installed security fence. We also

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